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Hey y'all! The majority of my entries will be friends only. Those that aren't are found under this entry (a pain in the ass to maneuver around, I find. Sigh!). I do post art and stuff that's public, but for the most part I'll be laying low. If anyone wants to friend me, just holler! **waves hi, then passes out popcorn**

Friends Only

[reposted post] Dust in the wind.

Four Rooms for October 2010

Miracles Do happen!

Guess what boys and girls? HOUSING'S FIXING THE BLEEPING BATHROOM! They knocked on my door at 10 this morning, wanting to see the damage. They got an email form the Tenancies branch and one of Tenancies inspectors showed up.


Only took them 2- 3 years to fix.

Bok Bok..cluck.. CHIKKIES!

They're trying to get backyard chicken keeping legalized here in Winnipeg. As it's legal in NYC, Vancouver and other cities, the push for BYCCs is gaining momentum.

Below is my post to the FB Group, 'Chickens for Winnipegers' (Yep! There's only one 'G' in the group's name!)
All the rest of today's amsed blatheringsCollapse )

More amusing things will happen tomorrow, I'm sure :) Primus... feels really nice being sane and happy for a change!


Need a Good laugh?

Having been a slave to Whippets for damn near 20 years, I can honestly say the things listed on this link's list are pretty accurate and can be applied to anything with a similar body structure. The comment on elbows also applies to hips and hocks.

For those who don't want to bother with the link:


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IEEEEEE! **Excited Dance**

X-posted to my DA journal

Found a 'You can Draw: Transformers' for 7 bux at Superstore today! IEEEE! Ninety Nine% of the stuff in there I already know, but it's uber cool having some work in print by artists I've watch here on DA. Guido does some Killer mecha **Drools**

Also picked up ROTF. Sadly it was a 2 pack and I already have 2 copies of the first movie :| ...But found two key chains, one of Barricade and One of Ratchet to attach to my Insulin case and my cell phone. Barricade likes the phone already. Must be the similarity to 'Frenzy, heehee.

Also found Soundwave. Had the choice between Animated SW or the Human Alliance (aka Tentacle boy) Soundwave. ROTF Ravage likes his new master :) I just have to keep the Tentacle monster away from Sunny and the TV or I'll never get it back. Thank god I don't have a gaming system!

(BTW - The two pack SW came in has Human Alliance 'Bee, which brings my current total of Bumblebugs from 11 to 12 or 13. I have to recount them all!)

Edit to Add:

Ummmmm, yeaaaaah. Obssessed much over TFs? Naaaaaaaa.

Animals do commit suicide

A fascinating article from Discovery: http://news.discovery.com/animals/animal-suicide-behavior.html

This proves what I remember reading about one of Jacques Cousteu's (sp?) dolphin studies. They had found an exceptionally heavy female dolphin and kept her captive in a study tank. She kept swimming into the side of the tank as fast as she could and eventually died from her injuries. That's when they discovered she had been pregnant.

Makes ya think.

This is why we need to spay and neuter...

A sad and depressing yet touching entry about a worker at a shelter. The pictures of the notes on the wall are impressively tear jerking.

You've been warned.


On a happy note: CANADA WON GOLD IN HOCKEY! Two golds in Hockey! (/fan squeal) It was freaking awesome. I was at Tony Romas to celebrate my Opa's B-day and the entire restaurant was rather slow. Everyone - and I do mean EVERYONE from servers to patrons- had stopped to watch the game. The servers were one big row around the bar, moaning and cheering. Then that final goal was shot everyone in the restaurant screamed... OMG! Freak'n Awesome! It was a good day! When someone asks 'where were you when...' I can have an honest answer that isn't 'I was converting macaroni and cheese into fat while trying to nap'

Happiness is:

Happiness is: Watching the Vancouver Winter Olympics opening ceremonies on a TV that actually works, packing/putting together new stuff for the new place and the 'kitten' and Aaerro sleeping on either side of me while I work.

Tomorrow: More boxes and hoping to catch some skiing action! I want to see the African/Ghanan guy everyone keeps talking about. I think his nick name is the 'Snow Leopard'. Similar idea to the Jamaican bobsled team, only Ghana doesn't even recognize him as an athlete. He's literally the only person participating from his country. He says 'My aim is NOT to be last', LOL! If he's made it to Vancouver, he must be decent ^.^

Pity about the Georgian(??) guy who died during luge practice. Saw the accident replay. F**k.. no wonder he died! What did him in was wrapping his head around an unpadded pole. Not that losing control at over 100 KPH and bouncing off a railing was child's play. Lets put it this way - Bobsledders say ice will burn you at their speeds.

I was at my parent's place for the pre-ceremonies stuff. While watching the info, my sister was going through the ticket prices for the different Olympic venues. Most prices were painful to see - average was over $300. Cheapest we found? $90 for either Curling or Biathalon. Cool. I like both sports :) Most expensive? Men's Hockey - Battle for Gold game. Private suite - $160 THOUSAND. Hell, the cheapest seats for that game (in the nosebleed section!) were over 2 thousand dollars!

On another note - my bro's GF is sick. Migranes/autoimmune stuff is causing her to puke. I'm hoping for the best for her. I'm wondering if I should ask to do a healing spell for her? She was really bad today :(

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